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Artificial Turf Perth

Concrete Pool Building in Perth, Western Australia

Using only Australian made Artificial turf to ensure its durability for the harsh Climate in Western Australia, Artficial Turf can add an incredible splash of colour to a front or backyard either as a feature to compliment your Paving or as a maintenance free option for your entire garden area. Artificial Turf is made almost entirely from Recycled plastic and with advances in technology come in many different styles and shade options that will suit both your yard appearence and maintenance requirements. Call us today to discuss an option that is perfect for your needs. Quotations and advice are free so fill in the form above or give us a call

Pool Paving Perth

Pool Bullnosing, or as some people call it, Pool Coping is the paver that sits on the top of the pool wall in the case of concrete pools or topbeam in the case of Fibreglass Pools. For the sake of safety bullnosing is normally rounded  on one edge to prevent though there is also a square nose option, with alot of the bullnosing manufactured by our friends at Freostone. The size of the Bullnose paver will vary according to style of Paver chosen and the type of Pool shape that you are bullnosing. 

We recommend an overhang of at least 35mm to guarantee its practical uses of keeping splashed water in the pool and for the attractive appearance.

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Travertine Paving Perth

travertine paving around a concrete pool

With the many types and styles of Pavers available from our premier supplier Freostone it is often difficult to decide on the best fit for your Backyard. In Kalgoorlie it is very important to choose a style and colour that will not retain the heat as this will make your Poolside experience a very unpleasant one.  Are the Pavers going to be slippery if there is splashed water around the Pool?

Darker colours are in my opinion to be avoided around a pool as they stain easily from water and retain heat  therefore easily burning the soles of your feet. Travertine and an engineered paver such as the Coral range are ideal for outdoor areas and are well able to deal with the extreme temperatures.

For more information and advice about your Paving selection either fill in the form or give us a call.

Garden Bed Construction Perth

Creating and planning a garden bed in your backyard is often the essential ingredient in bringing all the pieces of your Landscaping puzzle together. It creates the platform to add greenery and beauty to your backyard that will make you want to relax and unwind in your own slice of heaven.

There are many options as to what materials can be used in the construction, from wooden sleepers, brick construction to Limestone blocks and your choice is often determined by availabilty of the materials and their cost. Whatever your choice we can certainly help bring your ideas to life. For more information or advice please call us or fill out the enquiry form. We would love to help your ideas become reality.

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