Pool tiling Perth

Adding a beautiful Glass Mosaic Waterline Tile to your concrete Pool brings all the components of your restoration together.

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Wether you are renovating your concrete Pool and adding Waterline Tiles to your project or you wish to replace the old tiles to improve the look of your existing Pool, we can help. With an incredible range of both Glass Mosaic tiles or the old classic look ceramic tiles, there is an option that will suit your taste and budget 

Pool Tiling Perth

Pool Tiling Perth

A swimming pool is an investment apart from being a luxury and a crowning jewel for your home. It is a perfect escape for recreational pursuits or a personal lounging space to unwind and wade around after a long day at work. But did you know your swimming pool needs constant upkeep or regular maintenance so that it serves as a safe place to swim and have a great time. It may even be time to consider a Pool Renovation

Over the years, your pool tiles might have become stained, cracked or even gone missing. Possibilities are also there that you may have gotten bored with the same look year after year. Reasons are many, but at Innovation Pools, we help you find your pool’s lost glory once again. And what’s better than resorting to new pool tiling that completely changes the look of the pool?

Waterline Pool Tiles

Pool owners prefer tiles to beautify their pools as they render a sense of elegance to the whole property. Besides adding a stunning grace to the pool, tiling also serves functional purposes, as they are easier to clean, provide a better grip and require less maintenance. But before opting for tiling, you must ensure that they are installed by experts. If the tiles are not set properly, they might end up cracking or even falling off, causing structural damage to the pool, leading to unwanted Pool Repairs. Innovation Pools’ experts guarantee to have your apprehensions sorted. We stand by the quality of our work and ensure your pool will be beautified and made completely functional so that it becomes the oasis it was meant to be!

Pool Tiling perth

Swimming Pool Tiles

restored concrete pool with a water feature and poured aggregate surrounds

What exactly are glass mosaic tiles? Glass mosaic tiles are usually made of recycled glass, hence they can be used as a great source of glass supply to the market. They are mostly used in swimming pools and  due to their strength and durability.

The advantages of using glass mosaics in swimming pools  is that they do not corrode, crack or chip like cement or concrete pool tiles, and  once grouted  you can see the beautiful colors of the glass mosaics.

Glass mosaic tiles are made up of tiny bits of glass that have been colored in any one of a wide range of vibrant colors. Glass mosaic tiles are often used as decorative pieces for bathrooms or kitchens, but they can also be used for swimming pool borders as well as other places where strength isn’t an issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When a Concrete Pool is Re plastered, we remove all the plaster from the concrete shell and carefully prepare the surface prior to application of the new plaster. So the preparation is time consuming, but the average size pool takes about 7 to 10 days from start to finish

We use the quality Duraquartz plaster which is locally made here in Perth. There is an excellent range of colours and we can certainly provide a brochure and physical samples if required

The cost of the Pool restoration is dependant on a couple of factors. The size of the Pool, the condition of the Pool and does it require repairs prior to application of the plastercoat. Costs traditionally start from $13,000 upwards for a medium size Pool

Replacing your Waterline Tiles is an optional extra, you may have quality tiles already installed and dont need to go to the additional expense. In most cases Pools are restored due to age so it is quite normal to replace the tiles at the same time as the restoration is completed.